Project Description

Dr. Vanek performed a Breast Augmentation on this 27-year-old Cleveland area patient who wanted to add more volume to her breasts. This patient already has some specific breast asymmetries that are easy to appreciate, especially when her arms are elevated. This situation is never a problem as her differential inframammary fold is something that is completely normal for almost all women. When her implants are viewed with her arms elevated, they are placed properly in the natural fold of the patient and she looks beautiful in clothing and out of clothing. She is very happy with her results.


Age: 27

Weight: 130

Height: 5 ft. 8 in.

Gender: Female

Post-op Timeline: 6 months post-op

Implant Type: Moderate Profile Plus Saline

Implant Size: 300 cc filled to 325 cc

Pre/Post Bra Size: Pre 34B Post 34D