Project Description

This Cleveland area Breast Augmentation patient is extremely happy with her Silicone Gel implants. This 22 year old Willoughby woman wanted to have a more enhanced look ever since she was a teenager. She did not have a lot of breast tissue but always had a very active lifestyle. She is seen here at 1 month post-op from a 500 cc high profile gel submuscular breast implant. She loves her new look. She was restricted from exercise for 3 weeks after surgery, but was able to return to work a few days after her procedure. She has sent many patients to Dr. Vanek and is now 5 years post-op looking great!


Age: 22

Weight: 135

Height: 5 ft. 7 in.

Gender: Female

Post-op Timeline: 1 month post-op

Implant Type: High Profile Gel

Implant Size: 500 cc

Pre/Post Bra Size: Pre 34D Post 36DD