Breast Reduction in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona

Referred to as reduction mammaplasty

The main purpose of a Scottsdale breast reduction is to reduce large breasts and reshape them so that they can be in proportion to the rest of the body. Large breasts can cause a woman emotional trauma as well as physical discomfort, such as back, shoulder and neck pain. A breast reduction surgery in Scottsdale helps women regain their self-esteem and gives them an enhanced appearance too. Gawley Plastic Surgery performs breast reduction surgery to patients in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona.

More Benefits of Breast Reduction in Phoenix

Women who underwent breast reduction surgery in Phoenix have been extremely happy with the outcome. They now have breasts that are firm, small, light and evenly proportioned to the rest of their body. Large breasts are often the reason for skin irritation, posture issues and discomfort associated with shoulder, neck and back pain. In addition to this, the weight of large breasts constantly pulls on the bra leaving painful grooves on the shoulders from the bra straps. With breast reduction surgery in Phoenix, you can diminish these problems.

Do You Make a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery in Scottsdale?

If you are sensitive to estrogen or are overweight, have had children or have naturally large breasts that are not in proportion to your body frame size, then you would benefit from a breast reduction surgery in Scottsdale. Large breasts are usually inherited and if your grandmother and mother had them, you are bound to have them too.

Procedure for A Scottsdale Breast Reduction Surgery

A Scottsdale breast reduction surgery is a procedure that takes anywhere from 3 to 5 hours in an accredited hospital or a surgical suite. You do not have to stay the night for your surgery. This surgery requires 3 incisions. The extra fat, skin and tissue are first removed and then the nipple and areola are placed at a higher position. The areolas can be reduced in size too. The skin from above the nipple is brought down while reshaping of the breast. The arm contours are enhanced with the help of liposuction.

The Scottsdale surgeon uses a surgical marker for marking the incision sites. This is important because when you lie down, the size and shape of the breasts change.

After the markings, a scalpel or cautery instrument is used to remove excessive fat and tissue from the breasts. For asymmetrical breasts, more tissue is removed from one breast to ensure they remain symmetrical. The nipple and areola is then repositioned higher on the breasts.

The incisions are then closed with sutures. The goal of your Phoenix plastic surgeon is to ensure you achieve your desired result of youthful light breasts and also that your entire procedure is comfortable and easy.

What are your Breast Reduction Options?

Your Phoenix surgeon will be able to make the best choices for you once they are aware of the size and shape you desire from your Phoenix breast reduction surgery. Depending on these choices and other factors, it may be possible to avoid the horizontal and vertical incisions on the breasts that run from the areolar edge to the creases of the breasts. If the breasts are very large, some rare cases may make it necessary for the areola and nipple to be completely detached before being repositioned. If this is the case, you may lose sensation in the nipples and also the ability to breast-feed. For some Scottsdale women, breast reduction may be possible with liposuction alone.

Scheduling a Breast Reduction Consultation in Scottsdale

If you are considering a breast reduction surgery and are from the areas of Phoenix or Scottsdale, you should call our office to schedule a personal consultation with one of our board certified surgeons at 480-696-6397.