Breast Reconstruction in Scottsdale & Phoenix

For any woman diagnosed with breast cancer reconstruction of the breast, it is very important to regain a sense of wholesomeness. Most consider it a major part of the recovery because it helps women improve their self-image. The surgeons of Gawley Plastic Surgery have been assisting Scottsdale breast reconstruction patients as well as other women who have had poor results from prior surgeries. This helps women increase their image and confidence through their advanced breast reconstruction methods. Gawley Plastic Surgery performs breast reconstruction to patients in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona.  Breast reconstruction patients trust our board certified surgeons because of their innovative surgical techniques and extensive breast reconstruction knowledge.

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction in Scottsdale

When the sense of wholesomeness is reestablished, it reduces the emotional distress of cancer patients, which helps with the outcome of the treatment as well. Breast reconstruction in Scottsdale is an important requirement for both the treatment phase as well as the recovery phase of mastectomy.

Some benefits breast reconstruction in Scottsdale include:

  • Lumpectomy and mastectomy patients can benefit largely from reconstruction
  • Women who lack muscles in the chest or are missing nipples or suffer from any other congenital defects are restored
  • Reconstruction aids as a corrective surgery for poor results from a prior surgery

It is important to note that a Scottsdale breast reconstruction procedure will not cause your cancer to come back, and can be planned taking into account other treatments you may be undergoing such as chemotherapy or radiation.

You can opt for reconstruction following your mastectomy or wait a few years depending on your circumstances.

Options for Breast Reconstruction in Phoenix

There are three different options for a Phoenix breast reconstruction surgery. Your surgeon will help you choose from:

  • Immediate reconstruction – This is chosen when the patient has enough breast tissue to support the placement of a breast implant.
  • Tissue expander reconstruction – if the patient requires that the tissue be increased for supporting the implant, expanders are used to create an optimal breast shape before the final implant is placed a few months after.
  • Flap or autologous reconstruction – if the Phoenix breast reconstruction patient does not have enough tissue or if the patient prefers a non-implant based reconstruction, this is the best option for them. It uses the patient’s own tissue from the abdomen or the back for breast reconstruction. This is best for those who may be undergoing radiation therapy in the future or have done it in the past.

Scheduling a Breast Reconstruction Consultation in Scottsdale

Please ask all your questions regarding your options and breast reconstruction methods during your personal one on one consultation with one of our board certified surgeons. Gawley Plastic Surgery serves breast reconstruction patients in both Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona from their Scottsdale office. Call our office today to book your breast reconstruction consultation by calling 480-696-6397.