Breast Reconstruction in Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe, Arizona

For any Phoenix woman diagnosed with breast cancer, it can be a phase of emotional distress and loss of wholesomeness. Breast reconstruction becomes an integral part of the recovery. The board certified surgeons at Gawley Plastic Surgery understand the needs of mastectomy patients and those who suffer from poor results that took place from a prior Phoenix breast reconstruction surgery. We make sure your self-image is maintained and enhanced with our advanced methods of breast reconstruction in Phoenix.  Gawley Plastic Surgery performs breast reconstruction surgery to patients in Phoenix and the surrounding areas of Tempe and Glendale, Arizona.

What are the Benefits of Breast Reconstruction in Phoenix?

Breast reconstruction in Phoenix helps you improve your self-image and confidence. It decreases the sense of loss you may feel, ensuring that you yield better results from your treatment as well.

Here are some more benefits of the Phoenix breast reconstruction procedure:

  • You will benefit in case you have undergone a lumpectomy or mastectomy
  • Missing nipples, or other congenital abnormalities or defects of the breasts can be corrected
  • The results of a poor prior surgery can be improved, increasing your self confidence

It is important to remain assured that reconstruction in no way results in your cancer returning nor does it need to interfere with your current treatment procedures like chemotherapy or radiation.

You can choose to have a breast reconstruction procedure done immediately after your mastectomy or years later.

Your Options During Breast Reconstruction

There are three different options during your Phoenix breast reconstruction procedure that you can choose from:

  • Immediate implant – women who have sufficient breast tissue to support a breast implant can opt for this procedure. Most radiation patients are good candidates for this option.
  • Implant using tissue expanders – women who require that the tissue be increased for supporting an implant use this option. Space is made for a soft implant using tissue expanders over a period of a few months through a series of in office appointments.
  • Autologous or flap method – some Phoenix women may prefer a non-implant based reconstruction or require a more extensive method including using the tissue from their back or abdomen for reconstruction. This is most beneficial for those who have had a history of radiation therapy or might have it in the future.

Scheduling a Breast Reconstruction Consultation in Phoenix

If you have any further questions about breast reconstruction or want to know the best option for your specific case, please consult with one of our board certified breast reconstruction surgeons. Gawley Plastic Surgery performs breast reconstruction surgery to patients in Phoenix and the surrounding areas like Glendale and Tempe, Arizona.  Breast reconstruction patients choose Gawley Plastic Surgery for their extensive breast reconstruction knowledge and cutting edge techniques.  Call their Scottsdale office today at 480-696-6397 to schedule a consultation!