Breast Reconstruction in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona

Also called postmastectomy or reconstructive mammoplasty surgery.

Breast reconstruction in Phoenix is an amalgamation of various procedures used to restore the shape of the breast following a lumpectomy or mastectomy surgery. Several factors like your anatomy, desired result as well as the requirement of any future radiation or chemotherapy determine the options you have for breast reconstruction surgery in Scottsdale. It is important that you discuss your breast reconstructive surgery with your plastic surgeon before you undergo mastectomy. Your reason for getting a breast reconstruction surgery may affect the possible methods and results of the breast reconstruction. Gawley Plastic Surgery provides breast reconstruction surgery to patients in Phoenix including the surrounding areas of Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert.  Give our Scottsdale office a call today to schedule your breast reconstruction consultation.

Related Breast Procedures

If the breast reconstruction is only for one breast, you may require breast reduction, breast lift or breast augmentation for the other breast to ensure symmetry.

Is Breast Reconstruction in Scottsdale Right For Me?

For any Phoenix or Scottsdale woman who has lost a breast due to any condition including cancer, breast reconstruction in Scottsdale is undoubtedly a procedure that helps both physically and emotionally. The reconstruction of the breast can help you with your self-confidence and self-image. Even though surgery can give you a natural looking breast, a breast that has been reconstructed will never feel or look exactly like the one that has been removed.

Breast reconstruction in phoenix is for you if:

  • It is difficult for you to come to terms with your diagnostic and ensuing treatment
  • You do not suffer from any other medical conditions that may hamper the healing process
  • You carry a positive attitude and have reasonable expectations from breast reconstruction

How Is Breast Reconstruction Performed in Phoenix?

There are three options for a breast reconstruction surgery in Phoenix.

Immediate implant breast reconstruction – this is the procedure for women who have ample breast tissue to allow for placement of breast implants.

Breast reconstruction with tissue expanders – this is the option used for those who require that the breast tissue be increased in order to support the breast implants. Temporary tissue expanders are used to create a breast shape for the breast implant. This expansion process usually takes about 2 to 3 months.. Once this is complete, the permanent implant placement surgery is undertaken. The results with this procedure are excellent and with very little risk or downtime.

Flap/ autologous reconstruction – this is the procedure that has to be adopted for women who require a more extensive reconstruction. The tissue from the back or abdomen is used for breast reconstruction. If you have any history of radiation treatment or require it in the future, you will benefit the most from this procedure. Most radiation patients are good candidates for the implant breast reconstruction as well.

Whichever method is used, all require that the nipple and areola are also reconstructed after the Mesa breast reconstruction with the use of medical tattooing and other in office methods.

Scheduling Your Scottsdale Breast Reconstruction Consultation.

During your private Gawley Plastic Surgery consultation, your surgeon will discuss the best option for your breast reconstruction at their Scottsdale office. This way they can look at your specific needs and goal for wanting a breast reconstruction surgery to decide which type is right for you! Gawley Plastic Surgery has been serving the breast reconstruction needs of patients from all over Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Gawley Plastic Surgery is located just 23 miles from Mesa and 29 miles from Chandler and Gilbert, AZ. Give us a call today to see if a Scottsdale breast reconstruction is right for you!