Breast Lift in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Arizona

There are many reasons why women’s breasts may sag. Common reasons are due to aging, gravity, weight loss, pregnancy and breast-feeding. The good news is regaining fuller and more shapely breasts with raised nipples is possible with a breast lift in Mesa. A breast lift is performed in an accredited hospital or surgical center as an outpatient procedure. This means you do not have to spend the night in a hospital after surgery to achieve your Mesa breast lift goals. Gawley Plastic Surgery performs breast lift surgery to patients in Mesa including the surrounding areas of Chandler and Gilbert, Arizona.

The Benefits of a Breast Lift in Mesa

Breast lift surgery helps elevate the breasts making them more symmetrical and more youthful. A breast lift in Mesa doesn’t necessarily increase fullness to the breasts, which is why many women combine it with a breast augmentation surgery. However, a breast lift does make the breasts appear fuller by removing excess skin and fat needed to raise the breasts. A Mesa breast lift improves the shape of the breasts. Below are the typical benefits patients experience with a breast lift:

  • Breasts are lifted making them firmer and more symmetrical
  • Breasts are more proportionate to the body frame
  • Excess skin is removed to lift the breasts
  • Nipple and areola are positioned higher on the breast

You can discuss your desired goals and know all of your options for enhancement of the breasts during your consultation with one of our board certified surgeons at our Scottsdale office.

Type of Incisions During a Breast Lift in Chandler

Here are the 4 types of incisions available during a Chandler breast lift surgery:

  • Crescent incision – for a subtle change to the breasts with very little ptosis (droop). Your surgeon removes a small crescent shaped section of tissue from the area above your areola. This incision helps to lift the breasts.
  • Concentric incision – also known as a donut lift is ideal for minor ptosis. A concentric incision is made around your areola which allows for a little more lift than what is possible with the crescent option.
  • Vertical (lollipop) lift – this is ideal for medium ptosis. Your surgeon makes a concentric incision around your areola and then an additional incision that runs vertically down to the breast crease.
  • Standard incision – this is also known as the anchor incision and is ideal for patients with a lot of ptosis. The incision is the same as the lollipop but has an additional incision that runs horizontally into the breast crease. It allows the surgeon to remove more skin to improve the breast shape.

Recovering from Breast Lift Surgery in Gilbert

Once the excess skin has been removed and your breasts have been reshaped, the rest of the skin is tightened for a more youthful appearance to the breasts and the incisions are then closed. Some of the lines from the incisions get concealed in the natural folds of your breasts, but some are visible on the surface of your breasts as well. Even though the lines from the incisions are permanent, they fade over time and become less visible. Most Gilbert women desire the smallest scar possible. However, it is important to understand that your surgeon recommends the type of incision required to meet your specific breast lift goals. It is very important to follow your surgeon’s advice and not reduce the desired result by demanding an unsuitable incision.

Scheduling a Breast Lift Consultation in Mesa

If you are considering a breast lift, call our office today to schedule a Mesa breast lift consultation and see which option is best suited to meet your needs. Our board certified surgeons are happy to help answer any questions you may have during your one on one consultation at our Scottsdale office.  Our surgeons serve patients all over Arizona and see a lot of patients from the Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert areas as well.  Give us a call today to schedule your consultation at 480.696.6397.